Hi Tech Vaporizers Are Changing Culture

At a Hamptons wedding last summer an older guest turned to the woman sitting next to him and asked for a light. He had brought with him some dried herb and to celebrate the moment he wanted to spark it up.

The smartly-dressed, pert young woman didn’t offer a match or a lighter but instead pulled out a portable vaporizer and held it out to him for try. Taken aback, the man said “no thank you” and went elsewhere to find his light.

Cutting Edge Vape Pens are Taking People by Surprise

What you have there is the perfect embodiment of the tremendous culture shift that’s happening in America right now. Dried herb and loose leaf tobacco “culture” has gone high-tech, and some of us just can’t seem to make the shift.

The beloved, familiar instruments of the “culture” of dried herbs – rolling papers and pipes – are facing extinction as people switch over to vape pens or the home version: the non-portable tobacco vaporizer.

What’s all the fuss about?

Well to begin with, Vape pens can be discretely stashed in a woman’s purse. They can make surprise appearances at weddings, taking non-vapers by surprise. They can even be used in public, on the train, or anywhere you go.

And that just doesn’t jibe with most of traditional America’s notion of what smoking culture is all about.

The Way It’s Always Been…

Traditionally, smoking dried herb and loose tobacco hasn’t just been about the act of smoking. There’s a vivid counter-culture image that goes hand-in-hand with herbal products. It’s been called a “Zen mojo” but I think anyone who’s seen the old movies Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Dazed & Confused, and finally Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke might get a sense of it.

So forgive the older generations when they adopt a deer-in-headlights stance when offered a puff on a portable vaporizer from a mild-mannered 20-something at a friend’s wedding. They’re used to secretiveness, tie-dye, and something a lot less “gadgety” when it comes to relaxing with a bit of dried herbal product.

Why the Change Now?

Reason #1: New Research

Researchers are putting it out there that vaping is less dangerous to your health than smoking. Everyone knows that e-cigarettes deliver the nicotine without the tar. Likewise, any herbal or tobacco product that’s put into a tobacco vaporizer delivers the vapor without the smoke.

That’s because a dry herb vaporizer heats up the herb to a point where the active ingredient is released into a vapor. But it’s not heated up to it’s kindling point, where it burns. It’s the burning process that causes unhealthy toxins to be released from tobacco or herb. Actually, anything that’s burned causes toxins. It’s why you shouldn’t eat too much meat that’s been blackened over a wood fire. In this case the toxins are adhered to the meat from the burning process.

Reason #2: New Technology

Along with the research comes new technology: the portable vaporizer. Most people don’t know this, but vaporizers have been around for decades. Check out any online vape shop and you’ll find trusted old brands that have been in the business since the 90’s. Used mainly by asthma sufferers who couldn’t handle the smoke, they were relatively obscure until now.

Used to be, the dry herb vaporizer was something only a few people had: it was big, expensive, and had to be plugged into the wall. It couldn’t be toted to parties, either.

Now, however, there’s a new technology in vaping and it’s the vaporizer pen. Vape pens look like the electronic devices that they are…small, sleek, plastic, and tech-looking.

The Vaporizer Pen is the iPod of Botanicals

A sleek, gadgety herbal vaporizer pen that can be taken anywhere, used almost any place, and which doesn’t leave you surrounded by a cloud of musty smoke? A high-tech way to discreetly enjoy your loose leaf tobacco (or any dried botanical)? That’s in direct opposition to everything traditional dried herb culture has ever stood for!

The herbal vaporizer pen means “lighting up” no longer means producing smoke or that dank-smelling odor which serves as a dead-giveaway to everyone around and alerts them to what you’re doing.

More to the point, it’s a way for occasional partakers to enjoy the highest-possible level of quality…without disturbing the neighbors with suspicious odors wafting down the hallway.

What this means is that that older, traditional herb aficionados will now have to learn a new lingo, new technology…and deal with batteries! For Millennials this is simply an extension of a lifestyle that’s already plugged in, hyper-convenient, and effortless. Vape pens represent a culture shift that’s been a long time coming, but a welcome one nonetheless. Welcome to a more refined, discreet, and accommodating way of enjoying your dry herb botanical.